Turkey Creek Division

Lightning Slinger Issues

The Turkey Creek Ligthning Slinger is published monthly by the Turkey Creek division in PDF format. PDF files may be viewed using the PDF reader of your choice. If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download Adobe Reader for free by clicking on "Get Adobe Reader" icon to the right.

Contains all back issues of our Newsletter.

Caboose Kibitzer

The Caboose Kibitzer is published quarterly in PDF format by the NMRA Mid-Continent Region (MCoR). Previous issues of the Caboose Kibitzer can be found Here.

Meeting Clinics

The following is an Archive of the Division Clinics provided at our Turkey Creek NMRA monthly meetings. Depending on availability, we will provide the presentation, handouts. This will allow you a quick reference to the great material shared during the meetings. You may print the article, just give credit to the author/presenter.

2024 2023

Library Articles

Here are some articles of interest to model railroaders. Some of these are transcriptions of clinics given at our meetings, some are from past issues of the newsletter, and some were written for this library. Look at the list below, and just click on the title to see the article. You may print the article, just give credit to the author.

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